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New! ORION Vacuum Cleaners with AQUA Filter!

New!!!  ORION Vacuum Cleaners with AQUA Filter!     
ORION OVC-023     


ORION company presents new liquid-crystal TV - 15 ORION LCD1526.

ORION LCD1526 has resolution 1024 x RGB x 768, reaction time (G-to-G) - 16 ms, contrast - 450:1 (typ), brightness - 250 cd/m2 (typ). New model has several outputs and inputs: RF, SCART, VGA, Stereo AV. ORION LCD1526 can be used as PC monitor. 

Stylish and compact it easily blends with interior of living room, nursery, bedroom or your study.

LCD monoblock ORION LCD2028D!

New LCD monoblock 20 ORION LCD2028D with built-in DVD player is perfect for watching films and programmes with ideal digital quality and excellent sound.

Main features are: compact size, light weight, up-to-date design.
This model has ratio 4:3, resolution - 1600 x 1200, contrast - 800:1, reaction time (G to G) - 8 ms. Monoblock ORION LCD2028D  is multisystem model (TV broadcasts and video playback systems - PAL/SECAM B/G, D/K). You have possibility to tune  and receive VHF, UHF, NICAM/IGR programmes and cable television. DVD-player  supports  all  popular video and audio formats: DVD Video; DVD-R; VCD; SVCD; CDDA; MP3; CVD; CD-R; CD-RW; JPEG; HDCD; Kodak Picture CD; MPEG4 (DivX - DivX 3.11, DivX 4.x, DivX 5.x, DivX 6.x, XviD); playbacks NTSC and PAL disk format.

ORION LCD2028D has comprehensive Inputs / Outputs system: Radio frequency (RF) Antenna Input, SCART Input, VGA Input, Audio Input (for transfering audio from PC while using VGA), Stereo AV Input.


ORION company presents new liquid-crystal TV - 20  ORION LCD2028.

This model has stylish design: its black with silver decoration, due to this it can easily blend with any interior.

ORION LCD2028 has wide range of built-in functions: VHF, UHF and CATV, teletext, sleep timer (for setting time duration, at the end of which the TV set automatically turns into stand by mode), NICAM/IGR programs receiving, Recall function (switching between last and current programs) etc. ORION LCD2028 can be used as PC monitor. Comprehensive Inputs / Outputs system makes possible to connect LCD2028 with various external devices.

Brand-new LCD TV - ORION LCD3224!!!

ORION company expanded the line of LCD-TVs with new 32-inch ORION LCD3224.

This new model has resolution 1366 x 768, brightness - 450 cd/m2, contrast - 1500:1, reaction time (G-to-G) - 10 ms, ratio - 16:9. The number of various outputs and inputs impresses a lot this Tv has HDMI input (2 pcs), VGA input & PC Audio Input, Composite Video input & Audio Stereo Input (2 pcs), SCART input (2 pcs) etc.

Features: on-touch mute function, NICAM/IGR programs receiving, teletext, sleep timer, On/Off timer, "Recall" function (switching between last and current programs) etc.

LCD3224 can be used as PC monitor.


ORION company expanded the line of CRT-TVs. We can offer you new 14-, 15-, 21-inch color televisions: SPP1424, SPP1426, STP1525FL, SPP2124F, SPP2126F.

SPP1424, SPP1426, STP1525FL have the unique one-chip tehnology: improved picture"s and sound quality, hightened reliability.

Among the peculiarities we should mention multisystem, 249 channels memory (VHF, UHF and CATV),sleep timer, on/off timer, built-in calendar and games, comprehensive IN/OUT system (+ YUV IN), convenient and easy controllig the TV set through the on-screen display (OSD) menu system. STP1525FL (15"), SPP2124F, SPP2126F (21") have pure flat screen.


ORION TV/DVD-1533FL - stylish design, compact, multifunctional!!

We want to turn Your attention to the new monoblock ORION TV/DVD-1533FL. This model combines in a stylish and compact case 15-inch TV- set with a flat screen and DVD- player.

ORION TV/DVD-1533FL is multisystem model (TV broadcasts and video playback systems - PAL/SECAM B/G, D/K). You have possibility to tune  and receive VHF, UHF  programs and cable television. DVD-player  supports  all  popular video and audio formats. ORION TV/DVD-1533FL has  2 built-in speakers (2 W each). New model has various audio and video inputs/ outputs: SCART input/output, stereo AV input, digital coaxial audio output that is used to connect to the external Dolby Digital / DTS Digital decoder.

Other features of this model are: teletext, built-in calendar and games, ZOOM function, NTSC/PAL compatible playback (capability of playback of NTSC  and PAL disc format),  sleep timer.

Due to its compact construction you can easily put it even in the room where there isnt much place, for example, in your childs room, in the kitchen or in  your summer cottage.

New CAR GPS Navigation Systems!

ORION company presents new CAR GPS Naviagtion Systems with updated software and maps of Ukraine and Eastern Europe - G3515-UE, G4315BT-UE and Car GPS Receiver - GB-201.

G3515-UE, G4315BT-UE have 3,5" and 4,3" touch screen, various multimedia features. You can look through your pictures, watch video, listen to the different audio files. These models support SD/MMC cards. G4315BT-UE  has Bluetooth function that makes possible to use navigator as hands-free system with your mobile phone, make and receive calls.

GB-201 (without SD-card) is compatible with licensed software, designed to work with AV Multi-Media Centres ORION AVM-56201TN, AVM-56202TN.

New DVD players ORION!

ORION company presents new DVD-players : DVD-841, DVD-842, DVD-843 and DVD-844.
All models are compact (height - ~38mm, weight less than 2 kg) and have  stylish design. New models support all screen display formats, playable disks are DVD, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, VCD, SVCD, CDDA, Mp3, WMA, CD-R/RW, JPEG, HDCD, CD+G, Kodak Picture CD, MPEG4 (DivX - DivX 3.11, DivX 4.x, DivX 5.x, DivX 6.x, XviD 1.2).
Among other peculiarities you can find Dolby Digital (AC-3) /DTS/Dolby Pro Logic, NTSC/PAL Compatible Playback.
Among  functional  features  we should mention  multi-speed fast scan, capability of zooms out/zoom-in on a specific portion of a video image during  pause, full function Remote Control.
All new models support Karaoke function. Models DVD-843, DVD-844 have USB port.

Shavers ORION for the cleanest shaving!!!

With washable rechargeable shavers ORION you can make your skin clean and also create different shaving styles. Most models have LED power indicator show charging and discharging. All of them have push long beard trimmer and can work up-to 8 hours charge.


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